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Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

Sonic Splash Vela lago


Lake Eustis Sailing Club

            7th Sonic Splash Vela Lago Round the Lake Race

Nov 27, 2021

Notice of Race


Lake Eustis Sailing Club is located at 1310 CR 452, Eustis, Florida 32726 - about 40 miles north west of Orlando.  Mailing address: P.O. Box 1056, Eustis, FL 32727

Tel 407-385-8842.           Wi-Fi is available in the clubhouse.


ENTRIES and Eligibility:

The event is open to any yacht with a current Portsmouth number as defined by USSA. Entries must be completed and all fees paid by close of registration for a boat to be scored.



The races will be governed by the rules defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.



NOTE: All times are tentative.    Saturday Nov 27th


09.00                           Registration

10.00                           Skippers briefing

11.00                            Warning signal for race.



No Entry Fee.



The elapsed time of each yacht will be recorded and the current USSA Portsmouth number used to calculate the corrected time. The yacht with the lowest corrected time will be declared the winner.  Multi hulls will be scored separately. The single race will constitute the regatta.


VHF RADIOS:         

VHF radio will be the primary means by which the RC will communicate with the contestants about activity on the race course; e.g. delays, recalls, weather related issues. Recalled boats may be advised by radio and hailer.



1st Monohull

1st Multi hull

Other trophies may be awarded dependent on the number of entries.



Sonic Restaurants. Lake County Sports & Marketing,

June Howells, Realtor 


Contact Details:

Regatta Chair -   David Leather   email 










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