Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

2016 MCSA Midwinters Regatta

Pictures by Mari Johnson (click on the photo below to view album)

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Pictures by John Cole (click on photo below to view albums)

The Winners of the 2016 MCSA Midwinters Regatta

Photo by John Cole


2015 MC Midwinters Review


WELL. we left the Scow drivers with a lot to talk about, after hosting another, very successful MC Mid-Winter Regatta at LESC ! After 3 days and 5 races, 2 days with heavy air and chop, along with a generous helping of Florida Sun, the racers went home exhausted and satisfied. There was some casualties in the fray; at least 6 capsizes, 3 or 4 demastings, and a few submarine acts that required tow ins, but there was no serious damage to any of the 60+ Scows that took up the challenge of racing in the best that Lake Eustus has to offer. It was also a challenge for our head PRO, Bob Armes, who kept the rest of the race committee busy adjusting the course in the ever changing air.  Much can be said about the RC's attempt to get the final race started in heavy air on Saturday, with an unprecedented five (5), starts and 5 general recalls, 3 of which under black flag which were all unsuccessful at keeping these race horses behind the start line. Even after Bob ordered the line swung to favor the pin end to spread the boats,  the racers still mostly favored the boat end and could not keep their Scows in line! "How long can we keep this up", was the predicament faced by the RC, until the consensus was, "they're done", uttered by Dave Moring on the center-of-the-line RC boat. The regatta was called, and the fleet headed for the dock, tired but happy!  Robert  Seidelmann took first, followed by Bill Draheim and Thomas Harken. Full results will be posted. Seidelmann also took home the first Tri Fecta trophy, nicely constructed by Hunter Riddle and Dean Grimes.  Stay tuned in for boocoos of photos taken by many photographers! Congratulations to LESC, and especially all who helped make this happen, too many names to mention!

Gus Chennells

           2015 Zenda U Staff and Sailors. This year the event was won by our Geoff Moehl (Seventh from the left)



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