Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

Summer Sailstice 2013

Hi!  I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what happened at the Lake Eustis "Summer Sailstice" this weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 21st, 22nd and 23rd.  If you weren't there, you missed a GREAT time!  There was a Sailing Poker Run, good food, games, live bluegrass music, good food, fun conversations, and did I mention good food?  LESC member Glenda Libby did an EXCELLENT job of organizing our Summer Sailstice, putting together the Schedule of Events, and inviting lots of people.  THANK YOU, Glenda!

We had Ocala Sailing club, the "Trailer Sailors",  and several other organizations who showed up and sailed with us.  A "Sailing Poker Run" was set up and conducted by Glenda, involving sailing to three different buoys and picking up a poker chip.  Whoever had all three poker chips was then the winner.  The winner was, (I don't know)!.

We also had about 7-8 musicians who brought their instruments, set their chairs in a circle in a "Pickers' Circle", and then played for us for 2-3 hours and entertained the crowd.  George & Charlotte Marriott loaned us an overhead canopy to provide a shady spot for the musicians.  There were several guitars, a banjo, and a mountain dulcimer who played for us.  All of the musicians also sailed on a boat and all wanted to come back and sail with us again.  We hope to see them again soon! 

We had 36 Guests who came to sail with us for the Sailstice.  Some were from other sailing clubs and some were even first-time sailors.  All of the guests registered in our new LESC Guest Book. We already have 2 new members, Erich and Elaine Mertz, brought by Richard Kinnie,  who are experienced sailors!! Keep those new guests coming to LESC!

Gia, Mason and Gabrielle Witherite: Oveido.  Host Richmond Garwood  Douglas Re: Winter Haven.  Host Richmond Garwood
Mel Rudd: Cape Coral.  Host Glenda Libby  Dennis & Carol Marshall: Beverly Hills.  Host Glenda Libby
Simon & Kristi Lewandowski: St Petersburg,  Host Glenda Libby  Carolyn Levant & Warren Lee.  Host Rich Garwood.
Bob & Kayren Jost: Eustis
 Hartley & Kim Graves: Eustis. Musicians.  Host Rich Garwood
Erich Mertz: Ocoee,  Host Richard Kinnie.  Cathy Evanson: Tavares.  Host Rich Garwood.
Ed & Lynn Sims: Summerfield,  Host Glenda Libby.  Ross Martin: Summerfield.  Host Ed & Lynn Sims
Jan Schumacher: Weirsdale,  Host Ed & Lynn Sims  Barbara Hancock: Weirsdale.  Host Ed & Lynn Sims
Alesha: Weirsdale,  Host Ed & Lynn Sims  Ann Marie Kech: Winter Park.  Host Craig Yates
Theresa Terry: Eustis,  Host Gus Chennells  John French & Becky Tomlin: Mount Dora, Musicians. Host Rich Garwood
T Robert Benedict: Ocala.  Host Glenda Libby  Ted Benedict: Ocala.  Host Robert Benedict
Andrew Benedict: Ocala.  Host Robert Benedict  Kathy Colberson: Ocala.  Host Robert Benedict
Rich & Lisa Acosta: Eustis.  Host George & Charlotte Marriott  Sharon & Hank Link: Mount Dora.  Musicians.  Host Rich Garwood
Chick & Karin Gregg: Winter Park.  Host Gus Chennells  Chris "Cub" Mendez: Winter Park.  Host Gus Chennells
Bill & Sandi Good: Yalaka.  Host Candi Robb  Kathie & Rex Payne: Spring Hill.  Host Glenda Libby
Jaime Torraco: Winter Park.  Host Gus Chennells  

Congratulations to the new LESC Sailstice Weekend Guest Recruiting Trophy winner, Ed & Lynn Sims of Ocala!  Glenda, Rich, and I, weren't eligible for the "Sacred Ceramic Cow" Recruiting Trophy.  Ed & Lynn won the LESC "Sacred Ceramic Cow" Recruiting Trophy and a $25.00 Chili's gift certificate donated by Rich Garwood.  We will restart this new trophy for Labor Day.  Start lining up your guests for our Labor Day weekend now, and get a jump on winning the September Recruiting Trophy!  Our goal is to increase the membership of this club by 20% this coming year, and I believe that is a worthy, attainable goal.  

Thank you to those who attended the Summer Sailstice event!
Gus Chennells, Rear Commodore

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