Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL


The Lake Eustis Sailing Club

partners with the 

Lake Eustis Youth Sailing Foundation 

to offer a great “LEARN TO SAIL” program for adults. It's never too late to learn to sail!


The basic “Learn to Sail” program consists of 12hrs of lessons and study material. Lessons are arranged at times convenient to the Instructor and the student.

Each participant in the club's "Learn to Sail" program will first enroll in our club's 3 months Training membership fee is $150.00, 100% of which can be deducted from the one-time initiation fee for LESC, if the student decides to become a full member during the same year. This fee covers the use of the club's sailboat, boat maintenance and insurance during the sailing lessons.

In addition, a fee of $300 is paid directly to the Instructor, for the 12hrs of lessons.

Total cost per person is $450.00. Please ask about our family or friend discounts.  We can take up to 2 beginners (and the Instructor) at one time. This allows you to learn both "crewing" and "skippering".

Once the 'Learn to Sail' program is completed, LESC offers all the unique opportunity to further practice and enjoy sailing by inviting them to ‘come aboard’ and sail with experienced sailors during the bi-weekly club races (at no extra cost).

This ‘crewing’ program will give the sailing student lots of ‘hands on’ sailing experience. All you have to do is sign on onto the ‘CREWING LIST” which is posted on one of our club’s memo boards in the club house. Several of our club members are always looking for an extra crew member and will be happy to take you on board during club racing weekends. This program is free for all “Learn to Sail” participants and offers a unique opportunity for sailing students to enjoy and to practice sailing.

To start the process, contact the sailing instructor, Craig by email at SAILING INSTRUCTOR     


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